About PlanNet Zero

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PlanNet Zero – Tel Aviv University's Climate Crisis Initiative – was launched in June 2021, to advance the university's contribution to tackling the climate crisis. The aim of the Initiative is to serve as a comprehensive, multidisciplinary think tank, bringing together dozens of researchers from units across campus – together with private, industry and government partners – for candid discussions and novel collaborations. Our goal is to seek out solutions that bridge disciplines and actors, for adapting to climate change and for mitigating its harmful effects.


While the scientific consensus on climate change has been strong for decades, the last few years have seen a radical awakening of public awareness and political commitment. The Covid pandemic and growing awareness of extreme weather events have spurred a greater readiness to act to avert future global crises. Yet the fact that the longstanding scientific consensus has not yet been able to bring about sufficient global climate action indicates that a multidimensional approach is needed, with complex solutions based on climate science, social science, technological R&D and policy advocacy.


The Initiative's varied activities focus on addressing climate change using the best of academic knowledge and expertise, as well as the platform offered by the university to reach and collaborate with diverse publics. These activities include:

  • multidisciplinary campus lectures and debates on pressing climate questions;
  • briefings on the UNFCCC COP conferences;
  • workshops for professionals on climate science and risk management;
  • mapping current knowledge and research needs with government and private sector partners;
  • supporting student scholarships;
  • working with Capsula-TAU, the university-based accelerator, to support Israeli climate-tech startups; and
  • delivering knowledge and inspiration on climate issues to students and school pupils.


Visit the TAU PlanNet Zero English website


For more details, please write to: planetzero@tauex.tau.ac.il





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